Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Find X.

Students always see Mathematics as a boring and difficult subject to be learned. It is full with complicated Mathematical jargon, formula this and that, plus the teachers that teach the subject are lame or too strict.

Well, I do not like to learn Math either because of my teacher (sorry cikgu!), not because who they were but how they taught me. Therefore I as a future Math teacher vow to change my pupils' impression on learning Math and make them eager to experience the joy of my class! Actually I think about this when I came across this picture above - tearing the box of Math, bringing it to a complete different view. Correctly done. Just what the question wanted, nothing more and nothing less. =D


miss1904 said...

yeah..i don't realy like maths during my school time before....but i know...u can be a great Math teacher in the future.. :)

izuan said...

thanks paan! hehe, insyaALLAH..

miss1904 said...

most welcome.. :) yeap..insya-Allah..~~

♥SYAFIQAH ♥ said...

sy suka maths tp x terror plak..haha..tue psal sy akn jdi ckgu bm :)

~AKMAR NABILA~ said...

math always has solution.
isn't it interesting?