Saturday, February 20, 2010

Point and Shhhhh..

Yay, I just bought a bridge camera (it's just a bridge cam, so what?) and I'm on my way to get indulge into the passionate world of photography, hahaha. Well, a bridge camera (or some may called it an ultrazoom) is decent enough for me right now to learn and practice to compose and shoot before I move on to the seriousness of a DSLR. :)


jimah said...

wah.. gmbr munge je? tgkp gmbr len la plak.. air ujan menitik ke, embun atas daun ke, mesti lagi syiok.. kompom2 chantek..

izuan said...

hehe, tu paip ada sbg exception.. insyaALLAH kalau mampu jmp shot yg menarik sekitar sni.. Ty utk idea^^