Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2nd update for the day! And don't forget to watch the vlog below!

Now it's English entry pulak. Pening kejap English kejap Bahasa Melayu. :)

Ok, I shot both of these photographs in different places, different days (of course lah) and I only get the chance to post them now. The dragonfly photo was captured I think last month and the banana leaf was last week. The dragonfly one was at the Darulaman Lake while the banana leaf... just in front of my house. :)

I am trying all sort of photographing technique but the one that my camera can afford me best I think is macro. Even though the photos were not so macro lah! Because the d.o.f that it can provide in my shots is not as good as an SLR and the zooming is not like you are using a telephoto. But I am thankful for what I have and I am learning to manipulate the variables when composing shots to show the beauty of Allah's creations. Thank you. Wahhhh!!!!


Jong said...


kenwooi said...

nicely taken shots =)

izuan said...

jong: thanks! :)
kenwooi: still learning.. huhuhu. thanks!

T's said...


izuan said...

huhu kawaiii...?