Sunday, October 3, 2010

Dave Hill's Effect and Story Behind an Image

I've been trying a few methods to gain a Dave Hill's effect on my portraits, and this one by far is my favourite method that I found. However, the photo that I used above to be applied with such effect was not good enough because of the absence of appropriate depth. I will try to apply the effect on better photo that has greater depth next time, insha ALLAH.

This photo above was not applied with the Dave Hill's effect. But I was fascinated with this image as (I thought) I managed to create a story or a situation that is related to the tittle that I gave to the image.

p.s: the portrait was me and my sister during the Idulfitri recently.


Humaira' said...

abang lebih putih dr adik..
**lari laju2, lalu menyorok**

izuan said...

@Humaira': perli ya? btw itu kakak... (nampak sangat saya berwajah 'tua'.. =.=''

Humaira' said...

errkk.. bkn tua, matured..*sigh*

izuan said...

hehe yela tu..