Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Photography 101: Macro Photography Tips Using compact cameras!

Now let us continue our venture in photography. =) We know the term 'macro photography', we love to look at the images of macro shots. But we were dissapointed that we could not achieve the same results of images as we do not own any DSLR camera with macro lenses. Worry no more as I will show you how you can create 'macro' feeling using your compact cameras only. But I want to stress here that the actual 'macro photography' means to capture the images of your subject (a bug etc.) at life size or bigger at 1:1 ratio. However, by using compact digital cameras only (with their small sensors and no macro lenses) we can only create 'close-up' photography which has the same 'macro' feeling, like this one.

This image above were taken using a compact camera only. So how can we achieve such image?
  1. Select the correct mode - You must first select the Macro mode. Most people using the compact cameras never play with the modes on their cameras. Generally the macro mode is symbolise with a 'little flower' on cameras.
  2. Aperture - Most of the compact cameras do not allow you to switch the aperture, however if your camera allow this, select the desired aperture that suits you. Bigger aperture (marks with the smaller number such as 2.8) for shallow depth of field, which allows only your subject will be crystal clear and sharp, while your background will be blurred. If you compact cameras do not allow you to play with the aperture, just cool and stick to the macro mode. =P
  3. Use a tripod - Yep, use a tripod to get best results even tough you are using a compact camera only. This can help you minimise camera shakes that will ruin your image. Or if you do not own a tripod, you can just put your camera on a table or anything sturdy.
  4. Composing - Remember Rule of Thirds. Arrange your image so that it has a point of interest. If you are using an animal as your subject for close up, make sure its eyes are sharp.
  5. Flash - Use flash because macro photography needs a decent light to avoid the images from being dull. But if you are using you compact camera flash, try to diffuse the flash by placing a tissue or something to avoid harsh light. Or use a reflector instead to help you light your subject.
  6. Self-timer - Use your camera self timer to avoid camera shakes. =)

Don't forget to try this tips if you are interested in trying macro (read close-up) photography with your compact cameras. Let me know if you have anything to ask. =)


al-pijOd said...

thnx for info bro. cool. ;)

Lydia Miza(Aidyl Azim) said...

Saya br je belajar2 nak snap gmbr bw tripod lah yg plg saya mls..rasa mcm malu je orang pandang huhuhu

goingkookies said...

hey that's really interesting to read.. simple but easy tips to follow.. hope to see more on innit!! =)

izuan said...

nurhafiza: thanks =)
lydia: bawa tripodlah baru nampak profesional =)
goingkookies: I write on photography regularly =)

Cik Liz a.k.a Leza said...

nice macro pic...