Monday, September 14, 2009

Point And Shoot!

I just love taking photographs. I can't help myself from snapping a photo every time I get to hold on a camera. However I do not have the one thing that I wanted the most (for now) - a DSLR camera. For me, to have my hands on that one piece of art engine is to be very much blessed by God. As for now, I have to be satisfied with my camera phone and a digital camera. T-T

While having our Mathematics tutorial and activities, we were allowed to take pictures to be put into our weekly log book. So of course I am the most active person in class to walk around with a point and shoot mission while the others are busy doing their things (or pretended to do when they saw me shooting ;D).

For this week class, we were exploring the depth of 2D and 3D shapes. Our background knowledge on this topic had been blunt for quite some time as we had leaved the primary school for quite a few years. Well, the topic is not so hard but there were a few misconceptions that we held this whole time and need to be corrected (as we are going to teach the pupils someday). So these are a few shots that I've taken during the class. ;)

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