Friday, November 18, 2011

Musolla Ibnu Khaldun 1432H

  1. This is a video that I made for the surau in my school. Not much time spent (given) on working on the video so the quality is somewhat adequate.
  2. My gears are getting old. I need to get fresh and new gears to record, edit and render videos. Well, for the time being I will stick with what I have because I need the money for something else that is far more important, that will be happening in the coming 2012.
  3. I also did a few new timelapse videos using my phone, but as I said, my gears are getting old, somehow the laptop could not handle it.
  4. As for the surau video, I hope that not only the pupils (as shown in the video above) will spent some of their daily minutes (or hour) in the surau to recite the Quran or performing solat in jamaah, but WE will do the same.
  5. Visit your nearest surau or masjid.


DzuLagiL said...

wow, dah jadi orang penting kat sana erk...

dah lama x minta software...hehe

T's said...

2012...i'm waiting ^___^