Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Photography 101: Nothing new, just a Flickr.

It has been some time since I last wrote an entry in English, which the English entries were mainly about photography. I did a Flickr account some time ago, but somehow I slipped the ID and the password from my mind (getting old already, but Dr Tuah Iskandar al-Haj would be mad if we blame ageing for forgetfulness, if you read his books) therefore I couldn't accessed my own Flickr account.

So I did another account and I thought, okay, it's new year, 1432H and 2011 and this could be a rebranding step for my photography activities. I can look between my photos and pick the best and get rid of the tak jadi ones, as if there is anybody that cares to look at my Flickr, hahe. So I would like you to visit my new Flickr account by clicking here, however there are only a few photos there because I still need to arrange my photos in the disks. So do visit here whenever you are free ya. Thanks!


[MiSs1904] said...

great! :)
btw: nice pics!! :)
love the tear drop the most!
keep on taking pictures ya!

izuan said...

@cik farhana: tqvm! i will, insha Allah. =)